Bahrain Marina

Design of Public Installation

Location: Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Year: 2021

The development with its varied mix of activities, ranging from a dynamic mix of brands, casual and signature fine dining, imaginative entertainment, and leisure to large open plazas lends itself to be the ultimate family lifestyle experience. Complementing the development are breathtaking sea-front views and an active public realm creating a unique experience for the visitors and residents of Bahrain.

The story that unites the country’s legacy to the future inspired the design’s elements. The energetic nature of Bahrain was an inspiration for the color schemes in the design, observing the cycle of 24 hours made an art palette of colors to zone the six areas.

Designed as a wayfinding tool, these sculptural elements have been carefully installed in front of lobbies that are connected by elevators to the underground car park, not only to animate visitors but above all to help their navigation. With the idea of depicting the main activity of the zone in which they are located, their concept is also related to the design of public benches.