The Chimney

Design of Public Installation

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia, Europe
Year: 2023

Observing the image of the renovated Chinatown, it naturally comes to the conclusion that the district lacks a striking and dominant landmark that will stand out with its height from the simplified and calm architecture in the surroundings. With its dimensions, it should be able to “call” visitors even from a distance.

On the other hand, in addition to the functional one, we should not ignore the narrative approach, which may have been decisive in giving the sculpture a certain character. Namely, one of the first associations related to the factory and its traditional appearance is surely the dominant form of the chimney. So our new factory gets a new chimney, but not the one that emits smoke, but the one that aspires to become a visual symbol of the Creative District around which, both young people and other generations, will gather.

The sculpture “Chimney” contains a base, a body, and a top, and each of those three elements has a certain role in communication with visitors. The main structure of the sculpture consists of a central steel column and terracotta cladding. The body is illuminated externally by spotlights positioned within a ground level, and on top are integrated light panels that are programmable and can change modes. The terracotta base has a text cast in a circular metal plate.